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Making your scars disapear

Instant Results

Many people are skeptical when they hear that their transplant scars can be fixed instantly. The Hair Transplant Scar Clinic uses aan Advanced method of Scalp Micropigmentation to acheive amazing and natural results.

Rain or Shine

Many men use makeup or fibers to try and hide their scar, but the problem is that from up close it still shows. The procedure looks good whether your hair is wet or dry and will not come of in rain or snow.

Looks Natural

Our experts embed tiny dots in your scar that match with your existing hair follicles. The dots blend seamlessly with your hair whether you shave it or leave it at a longer length.

Pain-free procedure

It's a pain-free and non-surgical procedure that's performed in a clinical setting.

Travel and Treatment Packages

Men travel from all over the globe to get treatment at the Hair Transplant Scar Repair Clinic. Just because you are located in a different country, doesn't mean that you are stuck living with your scars. We have convenient and affordable travel and treatment packages that include a 2 day stay at a partner hotel within walking distance of our clinic. As long as you have a passport you can easily catch a flight arriving at Lester B. Pearson Airport in Toronto, and receive back-to back-treatments each day of your stay. You would fly back after your treatment with your transplant scars completely invisible.

  • Return home with your scar gone and your confidence through the roof.
  • Partner hotels within walking distance of our treatment clinic
  • The results are permanent and come with a 10 year guarantee.
  • Explore the beautiful city of Toronto while you're visiting.

Our Results

What our clients say about us

Brian Greg

You changed my life

Living with depression for many years after multiple robotic transplants wrecked havoc on my head. Even though doctors promised no scarring it was really bad. Hair Transplant Scar Clinic repaired my scar and it blends in with the rest of my hair.

Saul Varmal

I had FUE scars on my head

After 2 FUE Transplants with a well known doctor in Toronto I was left with small circular scars all over the back of my head. The doctor said the hair would grow back on the spots and just as I thought it didn't. After 2 treatments with TSRC the scars are gone. I am pleased with the results and I would recommend them to anyone out there with hair transplant scars .

Charles Wollen

The scars blended well

I'm 55 and I had a transplant 20 years ago when they did the older strip method. The scar on my head went ear to ear and I had to wear my hair longer than i wanted because if I had it any lower the scar would show.

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